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Black Walnut

A friend of mine asked me to take a picture of an old family tree on his family's property so that he could share its history with his children. This tree, a gorgeous Black Walnut, had been planted by his dad's grandmother who was born in Ireland in 1893 and moved to the States in 1910. He estimates she and his great grandfather homesteaded between 1930-1940 which was when the tree was planted. The grey metal structure in one of the photos is the original barn. On the same property is the original house which was home to three of four generations.

The horse is a very friendly gal named Pixie whose greeting included a moderately terrifying full-speed approach as pictured in one of the photos below. I loved meeting with these folks and getting to know the history of the area and hope to come back sometime when the tree is in blossom or covered in snow (or for some time with my new fast friend, Pixie).



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