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O'Keeffe-Martin Wedding (Elysian Ballroom)

Apricity. When I asked Bernadette and TJ what one word describes them as a couple, these two answered with "Apricity". It is an old English word that means "the warmth of the sun in winter". We've all felt that in one way or another...these two are lucky enough to have it together.

When I look back on these images my heart swells with gratitude for being able to walk through this day with these two special people.

It started with Leon Bridges' melodies floating through the bridal suite as the Bride sat calmly amidst a flurry of questions, last minute confirmations and the arrival of family members. Her sisters, mother and close friends were all at hand working together to get the final touches ready.

Next door the Groom and Groomsmen were working with each other to get their ties and pocket squares looking as sharp.

The beautiful Elysian Ballroom was lit from every nook while gracious family members met and waited for the ceremony to start. The Groom watching the doorway awaiting his best friend; his bride. The look on the bride's face when their eyes met. The sweet dance between the Bride and her father. The toast made by the Maid of Honor recounting the first time she met Bernadette in 2nd Grade and how to this very day, believes her to be the kindest person in the world.

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